To our beloved guests,

Through this message I hope it will give you a better and useful information regarding your arrival in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Poipet, Cambodian & Thailand Border SCAM Alert!

You may have already read about the scam already but i would like to repeat this again here.
You can take the bus or train from Thailand to The border and I guess the train is better and cheaper. But try not to take the bus that will change you to another bus at the border. You should get the direct bus to Siem Reap (without change at the border) and the bus company is called Nattakhan Right. but if you decide to get the train then it will cost you only 1.5$ from bangkok to the border, and it takes you around 6 hours. The train leaves every morning at 5:45am from the main train station in Bangkok. When you arrive at the border, please make sure that you only get the Cambodian Visa at the Cambodian Official border only. You can to walk till you pass the Angkor Wat gate first, so you will arrive shortly after that. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY GUIDE OR PRETENDED MAN who looks like the official because he will take you to get the scam VISA. You could lost a lot of money.

At the border, the Cambodian VISA should cost you 30$ but you may have to wait long in the cue in the busy day and the wait could be even up to 3 hours. the best way is a corruption way, i know it is not good but this will make you leave the busy border very quick. so i would say that you should try to deal with the police officer and give him something like 5$ and he will make you go through even quicker.

Right, after the border, if you are taking the direct bus one then you should be fine. The bus company guide will help you out. But if you are taking the train then after leaving Cambodian border, you will get the free shuttle bus to the bus station so take that one. at the bus station if you have a group of 4 people to share the taxi then it is best to share the taxi. Even if you are traveling alone, i should think that it would not be so hard to find fellows travelers to share the taxi with. so the share taxi should cost you around 40 to 45$ and you must make sure to pay him only half before you get on his taxi. Never pay him all the money upfront because he would not drop you off at the right guesthouse or hotel.

if you are taking the normal bus then this must be the worse choice. WHY? because you are the bus company that you will get on the Cambodian side will be full of SCAM from the border to Siem Reap, and not finish yet…..even when you arrive in siem reap, they do not take you to the busĀ  station but instead take you to their own business guesthouse. and they have their own gangsters tuk tuk drivers who i know some of their even sell and smoke drugs and they only want and want more more money from your pockets and when you have no money for them to scam then you would become their enemy. And believe me this is true and it is happen here everyday and i lost all my guests who want to stay in my place.


WHY GETTING OUR FREE PICKUP::?? Read this ! bus station and Boat Dock TUK TUK Scam! ***when tourists get off the bus, they said free service anywhere but tourist told them to take to guesthouse they booked but no commision then they started to refuse or make problem. then when arriving at the guesthouse, they are so pussy to take guest to temples and when guests refuse, they then ask the guests to pay at least 4 times more than what the guests should pay and if the guests refuse, they will shout very loud in the street to guests like (fuck you, and all the bad words) SO BE SURE YOU EMAIL OR CALL US 24 HOURS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE IN SIEMREAP. GOOD LUCK! GOD BLESS!

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    My only wish and I wish one day it is better is that:

    All the tourist will arrive in Siem Reap, Cambodia with peace and pleasant.
    I do not want any hassle, scam, robbery or even cheating to happen to any tourists at all.

    I will try to update the latest information.

    All the best


    Owner of Hak’s HOuse